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"Cool Dog" Cotton & Fleece Hoodie

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"Cool Dog" Cotton & Fleece Hoodie
"Cool Dog" Cotton & Fleece Hoodie
"Cool Dog" Cotton & Fleece Hoodie

For the cooler days and nights ahead when your furbaby needs just a little extra warmth.

This classic Hoodie is made of 100% soft cotton with fleece lining,  making it just a little more comfy and cozy.

 2 colors to choose from Grey & Black

 IMPORTANT:  Please refer to size chart on each product for accurate measurements,  each brand can vary in size.

Sizes are in Dog size, not garment size, measurements are in inches

Size       Weight        Neck     Chest      Length 

XS           4-6lb           8-9          9-10         8-9

Small       7-9lb         10-12      14-16      10-11

Med        10-12lb       11-13     18-20      12-14

Large      13-14b      14-16       20-22      15-16 

     XL         SOLD OUT


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