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Nylon and Faux Fur Jacket

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Nylon and Faux Fur Jacket
Nylon and Faux Fur Jacket
Nylon and Faux Fur Jacket

This is a versatile and pretty little jacket for your favorite girl to wear on a cold day. The decoratively ruched and tucked outside shell is made of nylon accented with four self-covered buttons, a pretty accent bow, and luxuriously soft faux fur. The inside is lined in pink fleece, for extra warmth for her. This coat slips on like a vest and snaps underneath, and gives great freedom of movement with its sleeveless styling. It even has a hood to flip up if the weather turns sour.

IMPORTANT:  Sizes can vary according to style. Please check sizing chart for more accurate fit when ordering

  • Measurements are in inches

 Size       Weight        Neck     Chest      Length 

XS            5 -6lb           8-9          9-10         8-9

Small       8-10lb       10-12      14-16      10-11

Med        12-14lb      11-13      18-19     12-14

Large      16-18lb      14-15      20-21     15-16





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