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About Us

Alley Dog is an online shop designed specifically for dog lovers and their special furbabies. We carry a unique selection of dog apparel and accessories designed to keep your pet warm and stylish.

But more than cute dog supplies, Alley Dog is the story of love. Our owner’s son once found an abandoned dog in an alley. He and his friend named her Alley and set out to rescue the poor thing. Auctions, fund-raisers, and thousands of dollars in surgeries and treatment later, Alley is doing just fine! She's come a long way from that injured street dog who had very little time left to survive. She deserves to be where she is now—adored and loved. She has her health back and a loving home to call her own.

A story like Alley’s, one that starts with open-hearted tenderness and ends with life-long loyalty, is what dogs inspire in humans. Our dogs give us the very best of themselves every day, and at Alley Dog we want to give them the very best in return. We choose the items we carry carefully, looking for quality of construction, comfortable design, reliable hardware, and—of course—cute and cheeky styles!

We’ve got classic plaid and floral prints, trendy camouflage and polka dots, and sweatshirt and puffed satin designs that are just plain adorable. We even have knitted sweaters, cozy fleece, and waterproof designs—everything you need to keep your little friend warm and comfortable no matter what the weather does.

Our collection is always growing, so be sure to bookmark our site and check back to see what we’ve added. As we discover the best, we’ll make it’s available to you for the love of your furbaby.

The mission of Alley Dog is to support the comfort and security of dogs everywhere. We do this two ways: we supply quality dog apparel and accessories through you, their owners; and we donate a portion of our profits to dog rescues. The world can be a tough place for dogs, and there are many out there who are alone and looking for a home. We feel lucky to have our furry best friends and we want that same security for all dogs. Alley Dog works hard to support dogs that already have the gift of a good home, as well as dogs who are still searching for theirs.

After all, love…given and received, makes for the best homes for humans and dogs alike.